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right car mirror facing downwards

hello guys,

this may be out of this forum,

someone car tech here?


i have a problem i try to explain it


i have a old renault espace iv ph2 2007 initiale

but my right mirror have a problem, everytime it faces downwards when i start my car and it won't go back to normal position and it is pretty anoying to  adjust it everytime, maby someone on this forum know how to slove it ?

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does it have a back up function in the mirror that makes it flip down in reverse? 


can that be turned off in a menu? you might have saved a wrong setting to your key card, that remembers the settings.


It is possible to store a driving position using the RENAULT Card. A driving position includes the driver’s (from manual)


so you might need to turn on key to ignition, set the mirrors as you want them, HOLD the mirror button, until beep and it should be stored on your "key card" according to the manual



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1. I have phase 2

2. I dont have any menu’s , i tried to use a obd2 called x-diag , but no option i could find

3. I have a joystick adjust,

4. I tried this methode


put in the card,

put ignition on,

put the gear in reverse,

adjust right mirror,

leave the switch to the right,

press memo button on my chair,

but that didn’t work sadly,

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Gorilla tape or similar? 

i5 8600 - RX580 - Fractal Nano S - 1080p 144Hz

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Ahaha i wish , but that would demage the electricals… and i think the adjust motors wont stop untill it reach the point of save/safe , and so ive been asking arround on some forrums ,but the renault forum no one replies, so i try other places even if its off topic , i might get some use-full information


as for manual ,

the manual of phase 4 have less info than the manual of phase 1 and 2, i already checked that before asking on here, from what i see there is no such thing about the mirror possition save unless i missread something.

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