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Prevent speaker from auto turning off?

Hey, guys, I have a cheap ONN Bluetooth speaker (link below) and even while plugged in it turns itself off after 20ish mins of no use. Is there a way to prevent this?


I'm learning a language by playing the language through the speaker and when I have to reconnect everything I typically just don't do it so I'm try to find a way to just press play and it starts, I have an mp3 player hooked up to it I'm not bluetoothing. Thanks for any help guys!




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Unless it has a settings menu somewhere, no. It's just what these things tend to do. Heck even my $500 receiver does it. It just makes sense from a device and power saving perspective to turn off if there is not signal for a while.


Alternatively you could try using your MP3 player to play some white noise or whatever quietly (to not bother yourself) on repeat when not using it if you really want to keep it on.

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