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bit of a strange psu issue

So I had a phantek 850w gold that I rmaed, the replacement will trip itself off after attempting to power on the system in question, however the system will run on an ancient psu I have a corsair tx850w from 2008 without issue. the only thing I had in the system connected was the mb ram and graphics card. The new phanteks psu however will work and run in another system without tripping itself. I cant figure out what would trip it and not the old psu in the system it belongs too.

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Not sure about that unit, can be just an issue with the unit itself and nothing is "wrong".

More so, when it sounds like other units work and they are both old and maybe newer?

If its too old, make sure the connectors are the right from PSU to the components plug holes for the power.

Might need the specs to know what components it is, and think it must be a newer PSU, else it's just that type of PSU having that problem.

Some PSUs can be seen in the own PSU thread, and how good they might be.

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it was running for about 8 months the system in question is 8 months old it was built with the phantek psu. The old psu from 2008 runs the system without issue and I am just confused what would trip the newer psu. The newer psu runs in another system under load without tripping. I hooked it up to another system to just be sure I was not having bad luck with the rma replacement. the mb is a asrock x570 phantom gaming 4s Ryzen 7 3700x. 

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