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No internet connectivity on asus maximus xii formula

I just bought an asus maximus xii formula second-hand and tried to set it up, but I cannot for the life of me get it to connect to the internet or even show any sign of connectivity.

It has a Marvell 10gbit and an Intel 2.5gbit ethernet port, none of which will recognize a working ethernet connection when plugged in,

as well as an in-built wifi adapter that doesn't show up in windows even if the antenna is installed.

I also checked that all of them are enabled in the BIOS


In the case of the Intel, when I plug in the cable the lights will light up (green flashing, orange constantly lit) but nothing will show in windows.

In the case of the Marvell, nothing happens at all when I plug the cable in, almost as if it were completely broken (I hope to god not).

The wifi doesn't show as an option to connect either.

All 3 of these will show up in device manager under network adapters, but each of them with that annoying yellow warning triangle.


Installing drivers from device manager doesn't work because I don't have internet access, so I have to use my laptop and a usb drive to install them.

I have tried un- and re-installing with every (reputable) driver I could find, both on the official asus support site https://rog.asus.com/motherboards/rog-maximus/rog-maximus-xii-formula-model/helpdesk_download

as well as from directly from Intel or Marvell and rebooted after every driver install attempt, but nothing has changed.

I have even tried completely resetting my networks in windows' settings, but to no avail.


Am I just dumb and not finding the correct drivers or is there something broken? Is it because I am using a boot SSD from another system with some sort of driver conflict?

I have genuinely no idea at this point and I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me save this board from becoming a very expensive paperweight.


I am running windows 10 version 10.0.19041

The BIOS is version 2.20.1276


Thank you for your help

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Oh yeah, I also just tried using usb tethering with my phone (don't have a usb wifi dongle) but that didn't work either.

As with the other 3, it showed up in the device manager but ultimately did nothing.

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