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Some of my games slowly starts to freeze after 2/5 minutes of playing

I dunno what goes bad with this specific games, they start normally but in the next minute it starts to slow down and glitched audio not causing a fps drop but the game its like breaking and the sound too, and when it becomes fully freeze it doesnt crash it stays on, having to force exit the game, for some reason this doesnt happen in other high demanding games, i think it could be the RAM since when i had my other RAMs this didnt happen a single time.

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bits
B250M-DS3H (BIOS ver F3 date 2017) edited
Intel i5 7500 3.40ghz (not overclocked)
4x8GB Thermaltake RAM (2666Mhz)
MSI RX 580 (not overclocked?)
1 TB WD Boot drive
1 TB WD Storage drive

Thermaltake TR2 700W 80+ Bronze

i found this problem in terraria and tower unite
this is the video footage i could take. (sorry for bad video quality)


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