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is this a good part list for building a keyboard

i’m going to use c3 tangerines, idk wat the difference is 62g/67g so explain that to me pls, tofu60 acrylic case, 1up hot swap pcb (does this have under glow)?, idk stabilizers, prob some brass plate, and idk wat keycaps but i will figure that out later

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from what I know the difference between the 62g and the 67g is just the weight, if you are planning to type for longer I would go with the 62g to help with fatigue. The 1up pcb does have under glow and would work pretty good with the tofu60 acrylic. For stabs i would get either durock v2 or some genuine cherry stabs. Make sure to also get some lube like krytox 205g0 to lube those stabs as they can be rattly, and if you want to spend the 4 to 5 hours lubing switches I would do so 

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