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Weird color contrast (?)

As it can be seen by the picture there is a weird and unpleasant color shift between dark colors or in dark scenes and ambients, it looks almost pixelated. I've seen somewhere it isn't always just a video quality problem but I can't remember. (the screeshot is from a video I was whatching, but I know it can happen like in games too). So basically I want to know what can cause this (is it a monitor, gpu or settings problem or maybe in this case it is just bad video quality), how is the problem called or defined (if it is) and how it would be fixed.


P.S. If it's a monitor problem than you shouldn't be able to see this strange colour shift so let me know

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Pretty dim.  Dying backlight maybe? Severe color shifts can happen when a whole color layer goes away.  Used to be a thing in CRTs. Meant you lost an electron gun and it was time for a new monitor.  LCD screens use additive color, so three color layers along with other stuff that tends to vary according to type. One of the layers having something funky with it could cause a shift.  The different color LEDs also can have different service lives so if it’s an old monitor you could have a color starting to go.  My memory is blue is the shortest lived. That’s old stuff though.  Things could be completely different now.

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