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Gaming Laptop, also for Machine Learning Work

Hi, I'm an incoming college freshman, and i plan on studying CompSci along with some other STEM based courses (MechE, Industrial etc.). I will work on ML, and I assume it'll be demanding on my computer.

I want to buy a gaming laptop that'll double for daily use, but I'm very confused by the offerings out there. I'll need a powerful yet portable laptop. I assume I'll be using it most of the time for basic office apps and browsing, and I'll be able to plug it in while playing PC Games, so it should have OK battery life (~6 hrs) for everyday work.

My budget is around $1500 I am currently looking at the ASUS Zephyrus G15 (2021) with AMD Ryzen 9000 series and NVIDIA 3060. Any other laptops I should consider?

Any other specs which are specifically important while looking for a device for ML training?


To summarise, I need:


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1. A powerful laptop

2. Portable with decent battery life while doing day-to-day work

3. Something that works for ML training (so good GPU, integrated graphics won't work)

4. Budget of $1500

5. Need to buy before September (start of college)

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If you're just getting started with ML, Google Colab should be more than enough for your training sessions.


A laptop for ML would suck, you can hardly ever find anything with 32gb or more, and the low vram on the GPUs in those devices won't help either.

FX6300 @ 4.2GHz | Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 R2 | Hyper 212x | 3x 8GB + 1x 4GB @ 1600MHz | Gigabyte 2060 Super | Corsair CX650M | LG 43UK6520PSA
ASUS X550LN | i5 4210u | 12GB
Lenovo N23 Yoga

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