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So i want to make an program or AI to learn my voice and a nother guys voice and then reproduce what i am seying live with his voice and idk were to start i have programed in python before but i am not that advanced so idk


I now what i want to do with is take 2 perfectly match mp3 clips of piple reding a text and then one of the persons can speack bormaly in the microfon and the output will be the other guy / girl voice so i loockt at tenserflow and got overwelt of the 7-9 hour tutorials so if enybody nose somthing that alredy exist that dose that or nows some more concentrated totorial for ai for begeners pls.let me know thx for reding

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You're asking to do something incredibly advanced for someone who doesn't know much to begin with.

Get an idea of how python (and programming principles) work a little better and those tutorials (which are probably still quite advanced for someone experienced) might make more sense.

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Voice reproduction is a very active area of research.

The tutorial you will need to do a good job of this (indistinguishable from real life) essentially amounts to graduate or post graduate studies in the field.


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