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 First of all, I've just made this account maybe an hour ago so Ill say hello here.




 Now that's out the way, I bought my first gaming PC late last year and I got a new case for it a few months back that came with 4 RGB fans and the header/hub thing you plug everything into. Ever since I've had it, the lighting has had a mind of its own. I don't use the RGB settings, I just like to have it set to a white light inside the case, a light blue, maybe a purple on occasion. Since I've turned the PC on 3 minutes ago at the time of writing, the fans colours have changed 3 or 4 times. I've done everything I can think of to troubleshoot, from taking the battery out the remote in case it was that, unplugged everything and plugged it back in again, checked for loose connections and put it back together again all to no avail. Ive even tried turning it off and on again!


 Would I be right in thinking that a simple solution to this would be to simply buy a new hub/header thing, whatever they're called? I made an account on some other forum yesterday and asked on there, turns out they're not really too helpful. 


 Ill give you all the info I was asked to provide yesterday. 


 The Motherboard is an old Gigabyte, it doesn't have anywhere to plug in 4 extra fans let alone RGB stuff. 

The case is a CIT Raider, with Dual halo spectrum fans I believe is the name. Here's a link - cit raider case - Bing images

The fan hub header thing is some 10 slot 5 pin control unit that says 'box' on top. Here's a link to the hub - cit raider rgb hub - Bing images


 If the answer is yes, buy a new one, can you please give me some reliable but cheap suggestions? Ever since our good friend Covid was released money has been very tight. Don't know if it will matter for shipping and things like that, but I'm from the UK.


 Thanks for taking the time to read, and maybe later Ill make a new post somewhere detailing my systems specs in their entirety, its quite laughable how prehistoric it is, yet it still works surprisingly well. 

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