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So by some extreme luck, I was able to acquire an ROG Strix 3080 ti at about twice the msrp.

While overclocking, I noticed that my card would go as far as 2130 MHz with max power and thermal target.

The cooler was able to keep it under 80C whle running, but the clocks were achieved when the card was not in full load.

So far it seems that the cooler handles well under a constant ~440W power, petition to Asus to increase the power to maybe 480W?

Asus GPU Tweak II also does not work well with the card. Although the overclock scanner works well, the card would actually perform worse in games rather than synthetic benchmarks with the oc scanner applied. We are talking less than 60 fps in 4K league of legends when msi afterburner does over 240 with max settings. Not an amazing tool to test game performance, but seeing how it does decently in 3D mark firestrike extreme really makes me think that either the card or the software is still not optimized enough.


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I also tried to touch the voltage in the msi afterburner but I just can't get over a stable +190 on the core.

Is there anyone that can help me with these voltage settings? 

Since the gpu oc database does not have the information, I'm kinda scared to blow my card this way.

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