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LG CX 48 Inch Audio Stutters EVGA FTW3 3080



I've recently had issues with my internal speakers on my LG CX 48" cutting out intermittently (every 30-60sec) when watching YT videos or playing any games. 


After doing some research, I've tried a handful of things to no resolution. Such as...


Shutting off the PC and TV completely (as Dolby Atmos may have been the culprit; it wasn't)

Updating Firmware and Drivers on both the TV and GPU

Perform a sound test on the LG CX itself (audio did not cut out)


I am using a Zeskit 8K Maya on HDMI with a DP on my secondary screen (LG 32" Monitor).


Should I just buy another HDMI cable to see if that would solve the issue? If there is something else I should be considering I would love to know. The audio cutting out is starting to annoy me greatly.




Edit: Replaced the Zeskit with a spare 6.5' and the issue persists. Could it be due to these cables being 2.2 and the ports being 2.1?

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