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What happened to the Intel GPU that Linus reviewed a few years ago?

In this video from 2018, Linus was able to get a hold of a prototype Intel GPU from c. 2008 but was not able to get it working on account of the driver not being available. Does anyone know if any progress was ever made on that front?

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I wouldn't be surprised if they throw that at a local dumpster or something

Like the Linus said it was more of like co processor rather a gpu, a predecessor of Xeon phi which also dead (iirc you can get those for like $300 on eBay so that's technically the biggest steal if you have a software that could use it)

Imo, As far as lmg likes to upload a video months later for a follow up on some series like desk pc or something i think 2 years is enough justification that what ever planned for that card is left behind



Ofc unless miracle happens

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Intel has a history of either rolling up older GPU tech into newer successor products, or outright abandoning the lineage. The former is more often the case as it's wasteful to not use existing R&D progress. 


You can start with the Intel 740 AGP card.

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As the above comment said, that kind of thing was eventually released as Xeon Phi, which was not a GPU but rather a CPU with a low clock speed and high core count. They were x86 compatible but were intended for servers/datacenters, and couldn't work as regular CPUs. And definitely not GPUs.

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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