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DON'T Junk your Outdated Computer!

Target display mode didn't just make your old mac work with your new mac, you could even use it as a monitor for Windows computers! 


I had my 2010 27" iMac as a 1440p screen for my AMD 7950 and loved it. 

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Kind of hyperbolic, don't you think?





Also, what about duet display

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@JonoTWhat is Montior?

Current Network Layout:

Current Build Log/PC:

Prior Build Log/PC:

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ok...... So I'm not a mac guy, haven't owned a single apple product..... And I've had a little to drink......  But wtf is luna?  I watched the entire video and it was never explained so far as I understood.  Is it a little dongle that........ does what?  I get that it's a connection for screen extending... between two systems buuuuut....... that's about it.  I might have missed something early on but still don't know what exactly the product is.


This might be a mentality difference between mac and pc users, but I want to know more technical details.


*yeah I just tried to re-watch it and 2 minutes in I'm just lost, far to "apple magic" about how it functions and far to little of what it actually is or how it works.  Take that with a grain of salt because I'm the opposite of a mac user and the "apple magic" approach has it's audience just not me


low level functionality > high level functionality

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In the Disney PC video, Linus went out of his way to tell people not to connect Windows XP to the internet because of security concerns, but it will soon be three years since OS X El Capitan has received a patch. With that in mind, the value of this adapter for people in that boat is immediately reduced by 1/3. An argument can be made that the adapter can be used in the future by the newer of your devices once it becomes the old device, but as you already stated, these features are coming to macOS natively.


I respect the idea of reducing waste, as well as the fact that you got blindsided by Apple, but suggesting one outdated platform is safe while another isn't is a problem.

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Can't you already do this between PCs on Windows 10 using the Project and Connect programs?


Android has super display which works phenomenally.



And that final sponsor sounded so much like those scam "speed up your PC/find drivers" borderline malware programs you find when searching for troubleshooting steps


Judge the product by its own merits, not by the Company that created it.


Don't dilute <good thing> by always trying to focus on, and drag conversation back to, <bad thing>.


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