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40-43" 4K TV for PS5 and Content Consumption... Suggestions?

Hi guys. As the title says, I'm looking for a 40-43" 4K TV for when I purchase a PS5 and to watch football on. After looking online, there doesn't seem to be a plethora of options in this size range so was hoping to see if anyone has some recommendations. I am based in the UK so would prefer links from UK sites, in particular Amazon.co.uk. I am not a competitive gamer so VRR support and high refresh rates are not really considerations. My main consideration is brightness, with my current Panasonic tx-32e302b 1080p TV able to push a measly 300 nits peak brightness. Something that can push HDR to a decent quality would also be nice, with a lot of TVs being 'HDR compatible' but looking pretty bad if online consensus is anything to go by. My budget is £400-£500 but if there was a really good deal for a bit more or a 0% interest finance option on a more expensive model then I would consider that.

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