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Help me find the name of this cable

Dear LTT community,


Recently, my family has purchased a fitness cardio machine and one of the cables came broken.

I've never seen this type of connector in my entire life and after vigorous searching, I've not found out what it is.


Could somebody please help me? The picture of the cable is attached.


Thank you so much for your help,




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Well, not all cables are standard, and unfortunately that does not appear to be a standard that I know.

Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Are you sure? No, really. 

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This seems to be a proprietary cable.

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Try your luck on eevblog.com forums 

And post there pictures of both connectors from several angles (top, side etc ) 


The cables are not using any popular connectors in computers.  you could try looking at catalogues from companies making connectors.

Go on sites like Digikey.com , Mouser.com , Farnell.com / Newark.com at their connectors and cable assemblies sections  and look there are various connectors... filter by number of pins, maybe filter by number of pin rows (your connectors look like 1 row of 8 pins) , maybe you can filter by rectangular pins,  and so on 

Or get a list of companies making connectors (jst, hirose, harwin, amp connect, molex etc and browse their catalogues for such connectors)

Also, any printed text on the plastic connectors that would give you a hint ?


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