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Logitech G305 wireless purple light

I've been using this mouse since 16 February roughly 5 hours a day ever since. I started having this problem about 5 days ago. I'll be playing FPS games such as Apex Legends about once an hour, sometimes twice my mouse light would turn purple and it would stop responding for a second. The second after that my mouse would move really fast in any direction for half a second and then its back to normal. While the mouse is not responding I am moving it so I think the random direction it moves in is the way I moved it rapidly while it was not working.


My mouse USB transmitter that is plugged into the back of my PC is about 80cm away from where my mouse is. My desktop PC is on my desk. The logitech software auto updates itself and I am using brand new AA Duracell Ultra battery that is 100% when I press on the battery so see how full it is. How do I fix my problem?


I've tried using different USB ports on my PC, didnt work. Right now I am trying 2 new things to see if my problem will be fixed. I am using another brand new battery and I am using the USB extension cable so that the USB transmitter is about 20cm away from  the mouse. I have tried cleaning  my mouse pad and also making sure there is no dirt blocking the sensor of the mouse. Here is a picture of the LED light when its blue20210611_103222.thumb.jpg.7e4af3577be99773ff3699641855055f.jpg

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I've never had this problem with my mouse ... you can get rid of ghub after you upload your profile in the onboard memory of the mouse, you don't need ghub to have the mouse work properly.  Maybe ghub is the root of the problem there ... even tho it looks like a connection issue ... did bringing the transmitter closer helped a bit at least ?

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