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What’s wrong with my GPU.

Basically, I bought a used GPU for my PC, but I ran into a problem. Whenever the card is connected to the power supply via the 

8-pin PCI-E, my computer doesn’t boot up and when it isn’t connected my computer powers up completely fine. I then asked Reddit and most people said it’s probably because of my power supply’s PCI-E connector not outputting the correct voltage, thus I bought a cheap 7 function multimeter. I now need help with testing the voltage of the connector.

My PSU is the ThermalTake Smart 700w and my GPU is the MSI Armor RX 580 4gb OC. 
Here’s a picture of my multimeter and the pcie connector: https://imgur.com/gallery/jKDqvoI

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It doesn't boot up or the screen is black ?

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