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Hybrid Event Planning

Our teams’ plan for hybrid event during this times of corporations staff remote working but need to host a convention


4 broadcast cameras

19 ptz cameras

153 computers

About 20 webcamera

21 vision mixers various models

1500m optic fibre cable

19 NDI encoder/decoder

100+ Dante audio adapters

5 video producer, 7 camera operators, 9 sound tech, 14 assistants, 30 zoom/teams moderators, 50+ interpreters

8 vmix computer


Overall layout of rooms



Main ballroom converted to primary event stage







And small studio green screen wall+floor for making a virtual



yeah what would i know about cameras or cinematography compared to you tech people.  i've only done this work for nearly 20 years, won a few awards, worked in over a dozen different countries and a few multi million dollar projects

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