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How to add probing points for a BLtouch installed on a ender3 with a v4.2.2 board without complete recompile

So I have recently installed a BLtouch for my Ender 3 with a v4.2.2 board. And while it works, I want to change the default 3x3 probing matrix with a 7x7 to get a more accurate image of the bed. I've found this tutorial online but it surmounts to "edit this number on the file with this name" and gives no more information, even where the file is located is left a mystery. After some more research I've found that to modify the configuration.h file, I basically have to recompile the whole firmware. Something I've never done before and am now very concerned that i'll accidentally change something I shouldn't and brick everything. Is there a way to do this without doing a full recompile of the printer's firmware? Or at least using the current firmware installed. 



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Download VS code install the PlatformIO and marlin auto build addon. If you config file is right this is done with one click.

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