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Multi device bluetoth keyboard with cradle and track pad

Like the title says I am looking for a specific keyboard and my google foo/ forum searches haven't turned up anything, apologies if I missed something obvious somewhere, any help is appreciated.


I am looking for a keyboard that

  1. supports 3 or more devices over bluetooth (windows laptop, android phone, raspberry pi 4, maybe future IOS phone)
  2. has an ergonomic shape and/or is split
  3. has a cradle or other place to put my phone in line of sight
  4. has a track pad built into the keyboard or some other way to get mouse control routed through the keyboard . Track pad on the right would be preferable to track pad below

Solutions I am not interested in

  1. Any solution that requires me to install software (not including drivers), some of the devices I am connecting to are devices managed by my employer and software installs for this would not be an easy/good conversation. I may also be changing the devices I am controlling semi-frequently.
  2. An external item to switch between the devices.
  3. An external mouse and keyboard that support multi device but require me to switch input devices on both the keyboard and mouse. I am looking for a single button solution where I hit one key on the keyboard and switch both keyboard and mouse input to the new device.

Other considerations

  1. Mechanical would be nice, but isn't a requirement. If it was mechanical hot swap switches would be a major plus. I may be using this thing around other people in the future so the ability to change out blues for silent switches later would be good.
  2. Budget wise I don't really have any constraints within reason (like I'm not going to spend a grand US). I'm not a baller or anything, just good at saving and patient.

Does anybody have any ideas for good options?

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The really hard bit is the ergo stuff.  That whole thing kind of went out of fashion because it was discovered that altering typing position does more to combat RSI than special keyboards did.  You’ll mostly be limiting yourself to older designs. The “cradle” also sounds like a really rare feature which would likely be a snap-on attachment at the best of times.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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If I gotta give on the ergonomic thing I can. The cradle not so much. The Logitech K480 looks great except for the fact that it has no mouse input.

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