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Help finding a compatible waterblock/aftermarket cooler

my current GPU had both of its fans go out, GPU still displays but overheats quickly. my card is the EVGA RTX 2070 Black (08G-P4-1071-KR) and my Google Fu hasn't gotten me any leads on a way to cool this. If anyone knows a way I can get the GPU cooling again I'd be very appreciative.

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Replacing the two fans would cost like 20 bucks, a custom loop and water block is going to run you hundreds... It's not worth it for a 2070. Your money is better spent elsewhere.


I'd also look into why the fans died, there's something wrong there as that's highly abnormal.



MacBook Pro 16

i9-9980HK - Radeon Pro 5500m 8GB - 32GB DDR4 - 2TB NVME - many dongles

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it just depends on how much you want to spend.

as said you could get replacement fans for it pretty cheap.


my personal choice would be to deshroud and remove the fans. the  zip tie 2x 120mm fans to the heatsink( many 20xx heatsinks have mounting tabs that you may have to file down. you'll also need a crj dual GPU cable to connect to the fan to the GPU, so the gpu can control speed of the fans. cost wise can be as 25$ total up to 70$ depending on the fans you choose.  


next option would be to get an aftermarket cooler. there only really two to choose from. 

arctic accelero Xtreme 3 or 4(I'd just get the 3) or rajintek morpheus. the aae3/4 runs around 60 70$. the rajintek morpheus is much more expensive and doesn't come with fans.


next up is a g12 mounting kit with an aio. the kit does have to slightly modded to fit 20xx cards but it's easy.


your final option is to do a custom loop 

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