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Will a larger pump/reservoir make a difference?

I have a small EKWB pump reservoir that keeps my i7 8700k around 76c-89c on some games. I'd like to have it cooler. The radiator is a Corsair 240mm the thickest one. Forgot the mm.

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This seems.... High?

What voltage does the CPU pull under load?

Are the fans spinning?

do you hear the pump pumping?

Is there a way for you to check the water temp?

I could use some help with this!

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Is the loop only on the cpu? If so then something seems wrong, those temps are way to high for a loop I think, but maybe im wrong

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Could be mounting pressure. Try retightening the thumb screws on the cpu block. A pump/res wont cool yoir system more its just gonna take it lobger to heat up because of a higher heat capacity due to more fluid

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It's high when I play Battlefield 5, cpu intensive game. Certain parts, the End of Round screen causes my cpu to run 90%, and high temps. I have my 2080 Ti on the loop, it's 60's c usually. The pump/res is running fine in other games. Cpu is around 60-70c. I'm thinking if BF 6 is the same as BF 5, I'd like to have the temps more balanced.


I did delid and overclock to 5ghz, 1.32 is the best I could get on the voltage.

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Do you have 2 or 4 sticks of RAM installed? 

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if you want it cooler then crank up the fan speeds.

also if the fans are already running pretty fast then perhaps you did a shitty job of mounting the CPU and the thermal paste needs to be reapplied.

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