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What mouse mat should I get?

I am looking for a high quality mouse mat, here is my setup, my current mouse mat has air pockets in and is dirty, I washed it to get rid of the dirt but that formed the air pockets I've had it for about 3 years now, I am looking for a mouse mat that fits my desk and won't decrease in quality every time I wash it because I don't want to have to keep on buying new mouse mats cus its bad for the environment etc. I am planning to get a TKL keyboard. Maybe a razer mouse mat to go with my Razer

Viper and keyboard?


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If you want the same size, Corsair has the MM500 3XL. 

ive never had a desk mat do anything like that, it must be pretty low quality. 

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I use a Corsair MM500 3XL that is  24" X 48" and a Gamers Nexus wire frame mouse mat at 36" x 12".


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<insert LTTStore.com/products/deskpad link>  get yourself a LTT Store Deskpad.

Or any other brand mouse pad, Corsiar, SteelSeries, etc....


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Eventually you need to clean the cloth pad and they can't last forever. Maybe search for synthetic ones that are like hybrid pads and spill resistant and what not, they're more durable. Just one of the reasons I use glasspad.

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