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absolute cheapest bang for the buck all in one audio solution!



I'm getting a bit tired of my laptop's speakers and my tv's "ok" sound and thought I can start searching for something better that's as cheap as possible. I'm hardly what you call an "audiophile", a starter logitech 2.1 speaker set has been good enough for me in the past.


this time though I'm looking for a more "elegant" and all in one solution since I want to have music from laptop whenever I want but also want something connected to the tv so I can use with my switch or any other future console.


so I've been thinking of getting a cheap soundbar right under the tv so that I can have my laptop connected by bluetooth and the tv connected with optical cable all the time without having to fidget around with lots of wires in order to change...just press the source button on the remote and you're ready...will this work as good as I am imagining it?


I've been eyeing the used market in my area for something good but also came across this soundbar



for around 60 euro it has everything I want and you can even split it in two pieces and have seperate speaks for a more "home-cinema" look.

the only bad thing the reviews say is that when you turn it on and off,it announces it quite loud but I live on my own in a small/medium sized flat so that's not such a big problem.


what do you think?

anyone has any recommendations for a simple speaker/soundbar setup that sounds better than a laptop/tv for around 50-60 euro?



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I would strongly recommend powered bookshelf speakers with a variety of inputs both analogue and digital over a sound bar. Something like the Swan D100  or Edifier R1850DB

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yes....I'm sure those 2 are great...and at those prices,they should be!


I'm looking for something a lot cheaper than those though.

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