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How much will my electric bill go up mining ether w a 3070 using a 750w psu

basicly the title i just wanna know how profitable it would be

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You'd first have to gather a few metrics for that. First, figure out if mining with it saturates the PSU. If not, note down the actual power draw during mining. Then take a look at your current power usage in watt-hours according to your last few electricity bills. Then simply add the number of watt your PC consumes while mining, multiplied with the number of hours the mining will take per month (or whatever other interval of billing you have for electricity), that gives you the number of watt-hours mining will require during that given period. Once you have that number, simply multiply all those watt-hours with the price on your electricity bill and you'll know how much it'll cost you.

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Do you expect to be mining 24/7, or just non-peak hours, etc?


I'm any case, when I do mining or folding during non-peak hours usually 3-4 days a week, multiple GPUs, my bill is on average 5x it normally is.

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How much is your kW-h?

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3 minutes ago, DriftMan said:

I will mention @Moonzy so he can throw some wattage about the 3070, and you can multiply it by your kW/h in your bill (since it can be different depending on the hour of the day)

Depends on how you config it

120-135W, usually, if configured correctly

Stock is around 220W


Factor in system idle and psu efficiency, 180-190W is a good ballpark estimation of total system power draw

Take 200W for some margins, and you'll get around 144kWh per 30 days, so multiply that by your cost per kwh and you'll know how much it costs


3070 should bring in around... $4 a day(?) it fluctuates a lot, so in a month that's around $120-ish


Assuming your electricity bill is $0.2 per kwh, your electricity cost is $28-ish, per month or so

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