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Hello. Today when I click to watch any youtube video, It will play in the lowest possible resolution. So 144p or 240p depending on the video. Before it would select/play in 1080 or 720 when I click on a new video. 


I can change it back with the small options cog, near the captions and full screen button. But I have to do it every time I watch a new video. It does not make it buffer or struggle on 1080p. I have tested my connections speed at 2 different websites and I have 98-101 mbps both up and down. I use google chrome on windows 10, and I am logged into youtube.


Do you have any suggestions on how to change it back to how it worked before?

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They pushed down the default resolution when COVID hit because everyone and their dog was stuck at home watching youtube. Essentially a measure to lower the load on the servers.

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At least on mobile the whole settings changed from actual resolutions to "High" and "Low". Which you can set as default from app. I haven't seen this issue with desktop YT, my videos are still 720p or 1080p. You could use browser addons to force resolution.

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I solved it by using firefox and not signing into youtube. And now chrome has watched me use firefox and decided to play videos at the highest quality again. I guess its trying to compete. 

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