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HELP!! My USB drive... ;-;



So, here's the deal. Every time, I flash my usb drive with a linux distro, and boot off of it, it displays almost nothing. Well, it displayed "Try Fedora" or something of that sort. And then upon clicking that option it just boots straight back into Windows. The USB drive got locked, I tried tinkering around with Diskpart, access was denied. Then used EaseUS Partition manager to wipe the entire disk, format it, assign a drive letter and all that. Seemed stable.


I was looking to blame missing packets of Fedora that I downloaded using Torrent over a period of many days (Yes I have very little Internet), but then I flashed Pop OS that I had earlier and the same thing happened. Any ideas on why this is happening? I've even booted to Pop OS many months before with the same drive, seemed to work fine. I used Rufus and Balena just to be sure. Oh, and Fast Startup is turned on, if that is of some help.

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