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Hello, my father recently just got a new laptop and he’s been experiencing a TDR Failure error at least 3 times a day, his system is an i7 and a 3060 I believe. Now he’s tried all the mainstream troubleshooting options such as a complete wipe and reinstall of drivers, power management changes, etc. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix or prevent this issue I’d love to hear it. 

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Maybe, reinstall windows and complete wipe the system? might as well get rid of the bloatware that comes with the manufacturer.


Or you can try to claim warranty if it still doesn't work

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Also keep a record of what changes were made software side.  It’s not impossible the problem is something that’s being loaded or connected.  Could also be a hardware issue of course.  That’s not impossible either.  Looking at specifically what software is loaded and what settings are altered from default may show where a problem lies if it’s not hardware.  A lot of old things almost but not quite work with modern stuff.

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