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Display output problem at bootup

I have a GeForce GTX 1660 Super that I output via DisplayPort to my monitor and also HDMI to a port that connects various HDMI devices to my TV. Frequently when I boot, the GPU seems to get confused what to do and ultimately displays nothing neither to the TV nor to the monitor. I can get it working fine again by disconnecting the HDMI cable going to the TV and doing a physical reset on the desktop but it's time consuming and don't like resetting my computer like that, especially when I can't see what the computer is actively trying to do.

The HDMI port I mentioned has 3 inputs and one output to the TV and it does have an auto-select feature to switch to the device sending a signal but I've controlled that so that it stays locked to the PC input, and I still get the same problem.

Any ideas what I can do here? Is there nothing I can do to tell Windows, the BIOS, the GPU, something, that the DisplayPort should always be the default display regardless of any other connections?


Thank you!

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