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Is Geforce GT 640 gpu compatible with Asus p5kpl-am epu motherboard?

4 minutes ago, ShotHead said:

I want to know if it's compatible.

It should be. Please don't double post or spam, however. 

I am NOT a professional and a lot of the time what I'm saying is based on limited knowledge and experience. I'm going to be incorrect at times. 
My build:
CPU: 10700k Oc'd to 5.0 ghz                            GPU: RTX 3070 ventus 2x
Motherboard: Asus z490-v                                Cooler: Deepcool castle ex 120mm
Ram: Team tforce delta 32gb 3200mhz cl16     Case: Phanteks p418r (p360a ripoff) 
PSU: Apevia Prestige 800w


To me the 10700k seems pretty underrated. It's a very solid cpu. at 5.0ghz it draws 175-185w under full load. the Asus z490-v is a sh*t teir motherboard, I wouldn't recommend it for anything past a 10600k for light oc's only. Tforce ram is pretty but cpu cooler clearance can be an issue on them, so beware. the RTX 3070 is obviously a great card, but the ventus 2x is just horrible. Don't buy it, not now, not ever. It's flimsy af, you can't increase the stock power limit, the cooler is worse than the one on the 3070FE. If it's a choice between this and nothing, choose nothing. The deepcool castle ex 120mm isn't really on sale outside of prebuilts, but it's a nice pretty cooler, gets my 10700k up to 96c after a prime95 cpu test for 15 minutes. The p418r is basically what it looks like. P360a, slap a few cyberpowerpc logos on it, and you're golden. The Apevia Prestige 800w is bad, but not terrible. Runs respectably quiet and isn't a bomb. More than a lot of PSU's in prebuilts can claim.

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What causes you to think it might not be?

Read this and then post fewer dumb threads: 


1. Your title should be descriptive, not just "help."

2. Poor frame rate/stuttering is not "lag."

3. Yes, your PC has a bottleneck, all PC's do. 


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