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Systems hangs, games and other programs crash. Help.


  • Describe the problem you are having in detail but without rambling. If your post is as long as this one, it's too long.
    • My PC intermittently hangs.  I can't see a reason for it.  I can be doing absolutely nothing but my screen will freeze, sometimes go dark, and then come back up. If I'm chatting or playing a game it will sometimes crash the game or the audio will flip out while everything freezes for a few seconds and then returns to normal. I thought it might be cooling issues, and it may still be that but I installed a pair or Noctua fans on the CPU to try and handle that. Otherwise, all parts are the original manufacturer parts.  
  • Include your operating system including version and 32/64 bit.
    • Windows 10 Home 64 Bit.  2004 version 
  • Include your entire system specs, including the wattage of your PSU.
    • Legion C730-19ICO
    • Intel Core i9-9900K CPU @3.60 GHz
    • 32 GB installed Ram. 
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080
    • I have no idea what my PSU is.  I think I read its a 500 Watt.  Can't be sure. 
  • Tell us which BIOS version you have. Some problems can be fixed by updating to the latest BIOS, so check that there are no updates available
    • Did this.  Problem persists.
  • Include any software running when it crashes (if applicable)
    • The whole PC has never crashed, but this is also the second PC they sent me after the first was completely crashing frequently.  But I most often see the freezing when I am running high intensity video games like COD Warzone, and Conan Exiles. Sometimes with Ark and just watching you tube. 
  • Give full details of any error messages and screenshots if possible
    • It is not possible.  No error messages ever present except for Conan Exiles but I followed the guide for that one with no results. 
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So no ideas here huh?  This is kinda my last resort as support through the manufacturer has been less than useless. 

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