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Switching between a driving sim triplescreen setup and a single screen desktop easy

I have been trying to get my setup simplified a bit..


running today a 3080 RTX and switching between a 55" 4K monitor and my 27" 1440p 144hz monitor when using my pc normally or driving in my sim..


and it works fine, tried to exchange the 55" with a Headsæt VR (G2) but i hated it, so i´m back to running screen setup, now i would like a broader FOV, and the solution here is Triplescreen, but it seems cumbersome, and i really don´t want to use 15 minutes setting up my pc when wanting to drive for 2 hours and setting it back again afterwards.


is there a simple way to to this? 


i have the ROG ASUS version with the 2 HDMI and 3 Displayports out, the card only has 4 ports at max at the time, configured how i want it..


so the Desktop screen runs HDMI (SR75 ASUS) so could buy 3 screens with Displayport with 1080p or 1440p (might be too much for the GPU to handle) so thinking cheap IPS 144hz 27" inch screens.


can i make a Simple NVIDIA shortcut, that would switch between a Single screen, and a mosaic? ...


is it possible to run for instance 3x1080p at maybe 144hz through one displayport, so i can have one cable from the pc to the sim rig, then "split" it to 3 screens?  i know there was some daisy chaining, and with the bandwidth support of a displayport on the 3080 i steems to be able to pull it.. just to have "less" of a cable mess.


i´m not sure what would be the best solution i know that running my rig, it ends up being a hassle each time, because it just is not setup up easy, and that is even when i have a 100KG N1 rig with all setup, i still feel like i have to use 5-10 minutes just getting everything up and running. just want it to be simple.

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