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Posted in wrong category, sorry for disturbing!

Hi guys, I'm looking to pick up a second power plug/power supply for my laptop to use at school.

My laptop is an ASUS Vivobook M433I with a Ryzen 4500U, and the default power brick is a 45 W unit. The model seems to be ADP-45ZE B, the input range is AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.2A, and the output is 19.0V --- 2.37A, 45.0W. The laptop can only take a charge from the DC barrel plug, as the USB C port on this laptop doesn't support charging. Ideally, I'd like to get a charger that can charge my phone and other devices when I'm out, without having to carry another power brick and all, but budget is an issue, and I wouldn't think that I should spend that much on a charger now.


I'm currently looking to get a third party power brick for this, but where I live (Malaysia), the main reputable brand for a power brick would be Innergie (they offer a good warranty), and as far as I can see, my options are :


1. Innergie 65W power brick + Innergie Wizardtip

2. Innergie 45W USB C + Innergie magicable (It's this cable converting USB C to a barrel plug with some built in electronics, such that it only works with Innergie chargers)

3. Charby USB C -> DC barrel plug adapter  (which apparently has FCC,CE,CCC,IEC Class II certifications, as the seller tells me) + a USB C GAN charger of some sort.


My question would be, is it safe to use a USB C to DC cable converter, or should I just stick with the traditional charger?


Thanks a lot guys.

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