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The Clevo GK7NP5R a good decision?

So I have been using an old and slow tower pc for the past few years. Since I'm tired of its lacklustre performance I am now looking for a decent upgrade. I plan on studying CS in the near future so having a good portable machine is something I am looking for. As you might have guessed I'm trying to keep a relatively low budget.
I found the Clevo GK7NP5R and it looks like a good laptop for ~$1000. I am not looking for a top-notch gaming laptop but something I can definitely play most games with a reasonable framerate and some decent graphics. The only major off-put for me would be the fact that the built-in Nvidia GTX1650 only has 4 GB VRAM. Since I am planning to keep the device for the next view year as my main (gaming-)Maschine I want to be sure that it's somewhat future proof do I have to worry about that?
Since my hardware knowledge is not the best I'd happy about any advice you may give.

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