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External Screen for laptop, causes CSGO to stutter badly, even with high FPS.

Hello all, 


I am suffering from an issue for the past month when trying to play CSGO, I am playing with my ASUS Rog Zephyrus M laptop, with I7-9750H, RTX 2070MQ, 32 GBs RAM. 

Since I am playing at home, I am playing more like in a Desktop mode, so I am connected to exteral screen, whenever I am playing only at the external screen, the game fps is around ~200, but the smoothnes of the games looks like 30 or even less, it's look like the refresh rate is really really bad. 

As soon as I open my laptop lid, my fps drops, but this stuttering completly gone, and when I close it, the stuttering again appears.

Before a week ago, I was in the same situation, and when I deleted the video profile from the userdata, it looks like it was solved, but tomorrow the problem returned. 


Any ideas on whats going on, why the hell it is happening and how can I solve this?


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