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I recently installed Windows 10 pro on my main rig a little while ago and joined it to my active directory it is able to work independently from my AD (I have those servers off because I am waiting for parts right now). The computer has some Xbox Game Pass, Steam, and Blizzard games along with Autodesk CAD software overall it is a really blank and clean slate of Windows, however going back and forth between menus and using shortcuts like I normally do has been leading to some unwanted slowdowns. e.x. I'll press win + e to open file explorer on my laptop it opens just fine, very snappy, but on my desktop could take up to a few minutes, same goes for basically anything its almost like the SSD that I have is dying of some sort it is a Western Digital NVME 4th gen PCIE and I bought it back in November. If anyone has any ideas or thoughts as it what it could be let me know.


Also I have run virus scans and sfc /scannow and everything came back clean

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Open up resource monitor or just task manager and see what the system is doing as you experience these slowdowns.

Sometimes I get slowdowns when I drag items over and past a networked drive that's disconnected and in my quick menu (fixed by hiding it).

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