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New Server PDU with switches

Budget (including currency): up to 150$ US

Country:  USA

Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for:  Server Rack - 12U

Other details : Watchguard Firewall (35W) , Cisco 24 port Switch POE, and small 2U server with piHole running on it currently (25w CPU). Will be adding some cameras to the switch later on (maybe 3 or 4), and adding some surveillance HDD to the server and have a recording bit added to it.



So I am starting to make a homelab, and I am looking for a PDU of sorts, that has switches on the front side, and all the cables / plugs on the back side. However, I was hoping to reach out here and see if anyone knows of any PDU, or another method, to have covered switches, so that way I dont accidently bump into them, as this little rack will be in my main office area.

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