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Will Aerocool - Split RGB Controller control other Aerocool Fans

Hi there. I recently purchased and installed a new rgb PC case - the Aerocool Shard. It has one 120mm rgb fan at the back and an rgb strip accross the front. In order to change between the 13 different rgb modes, I have to press a button on the controller. There are two cables coming off the fan, a female and a male. The latter connects to the controller. I have noticed that on other aerocool rgb fans there is a male connecter that would connect to the remaining female connecter.


I was wondering if the rgb controller could also controll another rgb fan, as I do not know if my motherboard supports rgb and as I am running linux (Ubuntu) it would not work with the OS.


Any helpful answers would be greatly appreciated.  

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Aerocool website is not very helpful here, so you need to post pictures of the cables. Their controllers use 6pin connectors which are not standard (standards are 3pin for ARGB and 4pin for RGB).

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I am unable to get photos, but I made a diagram here showing what is going on. In the orange is what I am considering getting.459866686_CPUCooler.PNG.b1efe158e4c0a507533b3b6c1cb996bc.PNG

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