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just picked up a dell poweredge t410 and have never worked with servers before !!!

just like the tile says just picked up a dell PowerEdge t410 and have never worked with servers before !!! and have little experience with raid and nas servers anyone have good any good videos or build guides that would be good for a beginner to servers lol i would like to set up storage for Minecraft server back up from my off site server to be held here then also plex media server  and maybe something like cloud storage so i can just send files to the server from anywhere lol i know it might not all be do able but would like to try and i need to start someplace lol


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What OS is it running? 


Storage is simple, depending on the files you could go for an FTP server.

Plex is somewhat more complicated -and expensive, unless you have your own media already, in that case there are better options IMHO-

"Cloud storage" is basically remote access. You can do it with FTP too but you'll need to know the basics of managing a server: setting up users, groups, grant or forbid access to dirs and files, manage permissions, manage whitelists and blacklists, setup a soft firewall. 


As for the hardware part it'll be better for both your LAN and remote access if you work ONLY with a wired network, if you have a few devices like the server, 2 computers, a "smart" screen, etc then a router will be enough. If you have more then you'll need a switch.


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i just have server my main pc all wired in the router and the server os is still yet to be decided lol 

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your order of operations is a little backwards here, usually you first decide what you want to do with the server so you can then research which hardware fits your needs and as the last step you buy the hardware.


There are no general info videos or posts about servers because everything is very specific to the OS you are going to use and the things you wanna do on the server.

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All right so I've decided to run true nas as I'm somewhat familiar and it's very user-friendly I have a Plex Media Server setup set up raid on my 4. Working sas drives . and added my 2tb sata hdd and 1 tb sdd and trueNAS running on 160 gig ssd at the moment I only have 8 gigs of ddr 3 ecc memory looking at getting a 32 gig kit as I do want to install mine OS as well to host my development server so I don't have to pay for it off-site anymore 😆 currently in the process of downloading backups of servers to the raw storage that I've allocated with the pools I the main issue at the moment is I'm possibly thinking of also running some vms off the server and have never set up vm's on truenas

Should I have set up a different operating system and that you used VM to run true nas or is this a alright implementation

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