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Mysterious 24 hour black screen cycle (reoccurring)

Need help with itx build. 


Recently transferred my PC from a mid tower to itx build. Only thing that was changed from my previous build was my motherboard from an MSI B550 Tomahawk to ASUS B550i-strix and the case. I am having a very interesting issue. When enabling DOCP to get my Geil ram to run at 3600 mghz everything seems to be fine and the system runs ok for the rest of the night. Then the next day when I try to boot I get a black screen, pc lights up keyboard and mouse light up, however no signal to monitor. The DRAM error light on the mobo lights up as well. In order to fix the problem I clear the cmos. This problem has repeated itself many times and I have not been able to replicate it aside from trying to turn my pc on the next day. I tried turning off the pc unplugging the psu and turning it back on, it boots perfectly fine. Only when I leave it overnight does this problem come up. I tried lowering the RAM speed to 3200 mghz and the problem came up again. The only time it has not come up is when I run the ram at default speeds 2133 mghz. I have also tried updating the BIOS to the latest version and it did not fix the problem. 


I do not believe it is faulty ram since the ram worked fine in my previous build. This problem has been very difficult to figure out the solution to as I do not know how to replicate the problem. 


Any help is appreciated. 


Also not sure if this is related at all. But when we first assembled it and tried to get it to post, I plugged my ps4 controller into the bios flashback usb port and the system did not post and we had to clear the cmos. Doubt this is related at all but wanted to throw it in there. 


Not sure what is causing this problem. (Mobo, RAM, SSD, PSU, CASE?)


BIOS version: Version 2007



AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT

GeIL ORION AMD Edition 16GB (2 x 8GB)


CORSAIR CX Series CX650 650W ATX12V 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply

Kingston SSDNow UV400 2.5" 480GB SATA III


NZXT Kraken X53 240mm

NZXT H210 - Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case

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