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Can someone tell me what might be the problem with my PC.

Soooo recently might my PC has been doing these random Lag Stutters when im playing a game while running Discord as well (Games like Valorant). It does one big lag spike and the 5 seconds later anther lag spike and then Boom MY PC Reboots itself and its so frustrating. I'm not sure if its because I have a bad power supply or maybe its my CPU or maybe the motherboard. but I've been thinking of getting a new CPU and Motherboard because while I play I have OBS Discord and A Game running at once and maybe its too much for it to handle. I'll leave my specs under this so you guys can get an idea of what im working with and maybe help me with my issue. This another issue maybe it doesnt have to do with this but sometimes I can be playing a game while discord running in the background and all of a sudden Discord like mutes my ability to hear the people in a Voice Call and Im forced to restart my PC because they cant hear me either its so weird and this plays along with my PC rebooting its self as well. If anyone knows how to resolve my problem PLEASEEE help me out Thanks a bunch


PC Specs.

CPU- Ryzen 5 2600

GPU- GTX 1660 super

Mobo- Asrock B450 Pro4 

RAM- DDR4 3200 2x8gb sticks

SSD- EVO 90 250gb

HDD- 1TB Seagate 

PowerSupply - ARES Game 500W+ Bronze 


I was thinking of upgrading getting a Ryzen 5 3600 as well as a MSI B450 Tomohawk because I think my old ones may be the issue if not PLEASE Recommend me some parts. This is a content creation and gaming build.

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