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Pc freezing and locking itself

So for a whole now my pc has been freezing, but all I had to do was restart my windows explorer thingy. But now, it just completely locks itself and the only way to start it up is to press down the on/off button until it powers down and then turn my pc on again. 

I'll be putting a picture with it, it's in Norwegian, but you can see that I have my task manager open and was about to restart Windows explorer  but the screens just turned black and the restart button is to the left and frozen. Anyone know what it could be?

It happens while I'm playing something or watching a show. It doesn't matter what I do, just randomly stops working and it's getting annoying. 

I'm not that well versed within the pc world so simple explanations/solutions would be awesome! 

Specs are:

Ryzen 9 3900x 12 core 24 thread 

2 rtx 2060s, one tuf gaming oc and one dual evo

Nzxt Kraken z73 cpu cooler 

Corsair rm850 850w psu

2 hyperx 8gb

Kingston a2000 1tb

And just regular windows 10 home



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