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Budget is $500.

 Can you guys direct me to a good deal?  eBay or some reputable online store.


 What to look for on Macs.  

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you can barely buy any mac for that price, but there are some good windows options, for Example: Acer aspire 5


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On 5/9/2021 at 6:53 AM, Doug_Dangger said:

What to look for on Macs.  

2013-2015 model (with glowing apple logo, do NOT buy the 2016 redesign) macbook Pro.
Retina Display, good Keyboard, good IO.

2013 Model is the oldest one, that got Big Sur Update.

2012 is stuck on Catalina, but is the first one with Retina Display.


Macbook Air 2012-2017 is okay too, but you're stuck with a 900p TN Panel. So, one of the worst Displays out there. But it would work and do the job, depending on what you need.


2016 (and 2017) was  Redesign, with worse cooling, less ports, the trashiest, worst keyboard that has probably ever existed in any Laptop, and not better performance than the good old 2015 and earlier, since also just Dual Core in 13", and Intel never had much improvement the last decade.

2018+ got Quad Cores in 13" at least, but they are so new, the prices are too high.


Depending on waht you find, you're better off saving up to $899 and just invest into a Macbook Air M1. It's like THE Best mac that has ever existed below $1000~, Used and new.


But used: Try to find 2013-2015 Macbook Pro with glowing Apple logo.

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