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Hello Everyone (happy mothers day to all the tech-moms in here!),


I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for laptops that compare well to the Asus Flow X13(no egpu). Specifically, my biggest gripe with the laptop (besides availability) is the lack of upgradability. Would like a laptop to have comparable specs, able to do decent/good gaming and productivity while also being light (would like it to handle video editing, statistical coding, graphic design in the future).


My apologies if this is another "please suggest the perfect laptop" post.


Best and be safe,




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The X13 is CURRENTLY the only one of its class out there, specifically a


Thin and light Ultrabook

That is touch screen and


With arguably the closest to fastest in class, laptop useable, processors

Which can (on its own) play many (didn't say all or most) of the games in active use, at reasonable to good framerates

With the ability to connect to probably the smallest eGPU on the market

With a screen that goes to 4K (I'd have been happier with one closer to the MS 3K x 2K)


The nearest is the Razer Blade Stealth with only a Full HD screen available slower processor, a marginally faster iGPU and has a maximum of 16Gb of RAM and 512GB hard drive and no web cam, out of the box....costing 20+% more........


After that its the new generation of Razer Blade 15 with RTX3080 coming in at about double the cost of the X13 and roughly comparable in cost to the X13 and eGPU


Staying with Asus your best bet would be the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14


Acer and Lenovo are supposed to be bringing out gaming type laptops in H2 with decent specs but again, these are planned and not yet available

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