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Old IPhone 4s Bloated Battery Question?

I am currently using an old Iphone SE bought few years ago and still using it now.



Before that,  I used iphone 4s and i recalled i had to replace the batteries many time at the local repair shop.... that used non genuine batteries.  I did this many times because I didn't want to spend whatever the retail price was at the apple store.  Thus imagine spending like 20 dollars each time and doing it many times and it probably costing more than had i went to apple.  Also back then i think they already had iphone 6 but not sure.  But whatever batteries they used, it drained a lot.



Then one day, my iphone 4s  stopped working as I saw the back of my phone suddenly got bloated.  I read this is bloated battery.  I never seen this before.  I then put it in a desk drawer.   Then I took it with me whenever I traveled to another location but eventually I still have it and its like in a drawer in the house. 



The thing is before it stopped working and had bloated battery, I did not put a passcode on it.  Also, all my email passwords or anything I was logged in to at the time, was still logged in.  What do you suggest I do with this phone?  Would it work if i remove the bloated battery and put in a new one?   I don't think I could do this though so I probably need to go to tech place to do it.  



Yes its a very old phone.  My main concerns are... could it explode and thus safety issue?  I read it could.  And if i were to have someone put in a new battery, what are the odds it would power on after charging?  Haven't used it in years.  But would it turn on and all my email and everything is still there?  That is the main concern here.  I was going to dispose it a while back but I didn't want an issue where if someone picks up the phone and put in new battery, then they charge it and power it on... then all my information is there.  So i considered breaking it with a hammer.  But how much would it cost if say i get a replacement battery and see if it powers on?  Would you recommend that or not? I would still put it in a drawer/closet though.

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4 minutes ago, paulyron said:

And if i were to have someone put in a new battery, what are the odds it would power on after charging?

There isn't really any reason why it would've stopped working, unless the ballooned-up battery bent the motherboard enough to loosen solder-joints on it. That is to say, there's a pretty good chance it's still perfectly functional and just needs a new battery.

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Get rid of the bloated battery immediately, it is potentially dangerous.


If your sole concern is your data, smashing it with a hammer (after removing the battery) is probably enough to ensure nobody tries to mine it for your personal information on the journey to disposal. Consider that they'd be investing time and money on the chance that you didn't lock or wipe it, even if they could repair it.

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Is it easy to remove the bloated battery myself if no experience?  The thing is i actually left it in the old iphone box it used for a while and basically put it out in the open in the house.  



So obviously there was a bit of concern.



I don't have any need for this old iphone now.. but i want to make sure its no longer dangerous.


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Well i want to still keep the iphone though.  So could i just remove the bloated battery myself safely?  Or should i go to repair shop to have them do it?  I just want to make sure it doesn't explode etc.  




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