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PC crashing unless really bizzare and specific conditions are met

Go to solution Solved by Heliian,

Update your bios and reinstall drivers. 

Hello, yesterday, I upgraded my CPU and MOBO from a ryzen 5 1600 to a ryzen 7 3800x (mobo is an MSI MPG B550 GAMING PLUS).


conditions under which PC crashes:
1) graphics card in top pci slot most of the time
2) 2 sata hard drives plugged in to the power supply always crash on boot
3) 1 sata hard drive plugged in to the psu crashes on cpu stressed
4) 1 sata hard drive plugged in to the psu, then after boot 2nd one "hot plugged" in (hard drives work and are found by windows) but again, crashes on cpu stressed
5) 2 ram sticks in dual channel slots - mostly crashes on boot, sometimes boots and crashes on cpu stressed, but if i plug them into 3rd and 4th slot (obviously not dual channel) it works even on cpu stressed
conditions under which pc works:
1) 1 stick of ram or 2 sticks non dual channel
2) no hard drives can be plugged in to the psu (boot drive is m.2 nvme)
3) gpu can't be in top pci slot
I am at a complete loss as to how to explain all these random ass conditions for my pc to work, idk if it's a psu problem (i have a relatively new 650w psu that worked absolutely fine with my ryzen 5 1600) or if the cpu can't handle information such as ram in dual channel or sata harddrives running for whatever reason, or if somehow i'm overloading a pci lane if that's even possible.. i'm completely lost
overvolting ram
underclocking ram
overvolting cpu
hot plugging hard drives
every possible ram configuration
using a different PSU cable to power the hard drives
using separate PSU cables to power the hard drives
testing each hard drive and each psu power connector to them (all the same result) (can have 1 plugged in and pc boots but can't stress or can have 1 plugged in, then hot plug another but can't stress or no sata drive and pc runs fine as long as other conditions are met eg: gpu bottom slot and ram not dual channel etc)
What I mean when I say "crash":
Graphics card shuts down (rgb, fans, everything)
CPU cooler (wraith prism) starts flashing weirdly, like a broken light bulb, sometimes it's just half lit up, sometimes it 's all lit up but flashing
When it crashes on boot, it crashes right before windows starts loading (so normally, i'd hear my pc speakers come on, kinda a pop noise) right after that my GPU fans would spin up for half a second and then slow down again. When the PC crashes, it's right before the speaker pop and GPU fan spin up.
I've been troubleshooting this for 6 hours over 2 days, everyone's confused. I can use my PC, even with CPU stressed at 100%, but only with those compromises, like non dual channel ram, no sata hard drives, gpu in bottom slot etc etc
ryzen 7 3800x
rx 570 4gb
650w corsair psu
2x 2666mhz 8gb hyperx fury ram
msi b550 mpg gaming mobo
samsung 1TB 970 evo nvme m.2 ssd
2x 1tb sata hdd (random from salvaged laptops)
1x WD 500GB sata SSD
This is my first time posting on a forum, I'm sorry if I've messed anything up, I usually just torture myself until I randomly find a fix or live with the issue, but this time I just finally want my PC to work and can't figure it out on my own. Thank you so much in advance for any help
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(updating the bios worked, didn't have to reinstall any drivers)

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35 minutes ago, useless2 said:


(updating the bios worked, didn't have to reinstall any drivers)

LOL, no worries.  Most of the time it won't run without being supported but in your case it sorta did.   Keep that 1700, someone can use it to update older mobos. 

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Nevermind, can barely get it to start now, same issue, everything was fine for a while, then it crashed when I opened up a game (i tested the cpu beforehand, it passed a stress test no problem) so then i restarted, tried a stress test, worked fine, so I turned on heaven benchmark as well, as soon as it loaded the PC crashed again. After that i couldn't get it to run for an hour, until I unplugged all my drives, moved the gpu back to the bottom slot, took a ram stick out, prayed to pagan gods and washed my peripherals in holy water. I'm actually so mad right now, I was so ready to finally relax and enjoy some high framerates and bam, i have to open my PC again and troubleshoot for an hour. I am so lost and angry, if anyone has any other ideas, please help 


If I have everything like I said, i can run heaven and cpu-z stress test simultaneously with no issues

As soon as I add back a ram stick or plug in a hdd, I can't boot, same crash, same thing, I'm so frustrated


Update: updated my bios again, I didn't see a reason why it would have reset to the original one, but did it anyway, now everything works again. I don't think flashing my bios every time I turn on my PC is viable, why is this happening?



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