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r5 3600 100% when playing any game

so today i realize that when playing any game from mine craft to rocket league to bf5 my 3600 sits at 100% utilization, this is weird since the games im playing shouldnt do this especially Minecraft since its a single core game, in hwinfo it show 100% at 4.2ghz all core when just in a launcher, was wondering if anyone knew how to fix this problem    

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Sounds like its 100% even at idle. Try to sort the CPU Processes in Resource Monitor by Status and send me the screenshot of it while youre playing games.

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so i have before game and after game, the cpu is fine at idle tho.



cpu after game.PNG

cpu after game2.PNG

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oh and btw this isnt actually a game its a minecraft mod launcher i think its dedecting it as a game and for some reason decides to run at 100% or at least that what task manager thinks 

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