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I have a problem with my laptop, it's a Samsung NP355V4X, with 4gb of ram, AMD A6 4400m cpu, and 500gb hdd 

My problem is, that the laptop won't turn itself on when the power button is pressed, indicator lights would be on for a couple of seconds, but then the entire system switch off before the bios even shows up. I've tried to replace almost all components (the only ones I've yet to replace was the motherboard and the apu itself, since it was a little to expensive for me) 

My question is, which one should I try first? Replace the motherboard or the cpu? Cause the motherboard itself as far as visual goes, there's nothing wrong with it, no burnt capacitors, nothing. And the cpu is cheaper than the motherboard itself, so I'm inclined towards replacing the cpu first rather than the motherboard. 

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