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Moving windows laggy after windows reinstall

So my desktop is missing a GPU due to shortage so i have to use a laptop for now but today i encountered an issue that i just cant seem to solve.


Laptop is lenovo ideapad with following specs:

i3 6100U


Nvidia GT940MX 4GB GDDR3

Intel HD 520 iGPU

1TB Samsung 860 EVO (borrowed from my desktop that is waiting for a 3090 due to shortage....)


So here is what happened, i was running win 10 on a 256GB SSD (laptop came with 1TB HDD but that died few years ago so in emergency i salvaged small 256GB SSD from dead laptop) and everything was fine except that i was running out of space, since i had two Samsung 860 EVO 1TB SSDs that i intended to use for my desktop i decided to borrow one drive and install it into the laptop while waiting for 3090 for my desktop.


I used Media creation tool to download latest windows 10 build and installed it on a new SSD and right after install was done the first thing i did was go to nvidia website and download GT940MX drivers and then go to lenovo website and download drivers for intel GPU too (since intel gpu is used in low power software like browser and other non GPU intensive software), after downloading all the drivers and restarting the laptop i noticed that moving windows on desktop is super laggy, like not low framerate laggy but window follows mouse in slowmotion while moving it, for example, moving task manager is super slow and while moving it it pushes CPU to 70% and intel GPU to 10%


Games work without an issue, everything that is using Nvidia GPU works without any issues but stuff that uses integrated intel gpu like moving windows is super slow, i even tried letting windows install its own intel gpu driver instande of old and outdated lenovo driver but it did not help.


Before i reinstalled the windows everything was fine and smooth but now moving windows on desktop is slow and pushes cpu to 50-70%, its like its not even trying to use iGPU


Any help is appriciated, thanks in advance

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